The Forex Blog

The forex blog is a great place to get the latest information on currency trading. Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned professional, the forex blog has something for everyone. From how to trade to the best tools to use, this article will cover a wide range of topics.


DailyFX is one of the many forex blogs out there, but it’s a surprisingly high-quality publication. It has a number of globally-based analysts and is a great place to get your fix of economic news, rumors, and trading ideas.

The DailyFX blog is a worthy addition to your forex toolkit, allowing you to be a more effective trader by bringing you in-depth analysis of the commodity and currency markets, with real time updates to indices and commodities.


Earn2Trade is a trading education company that offers a variety of training programs. The site’s blog provides information on market news and trends.

The website also provides several support features. Users can communicate with other users through voice and video messages. They can also contact the company through e-mail.

In addition to offering educational tools, Earn2Trade is a recruitment firm for funded investors. Earn2Trade accepts traders from all over the world.

Traders who sign up with Earn2Trade will receive a funded trading account. They can trade up to three contracts at a time. If a trade is successful, the client can withdraw 80% of the deposit.


MarketPulse is a forex blog and website that offers a variety of articles and news on the subject. If you are a novice or a seasoned veteran in the foreign exchange game, you’ll find something interesting to read about. It is also home to a wide selection of charts and graphs on different currencies and markets. Among the sites featured is OANDA, a regulated Forex broker that offers a variety of trading tools and services to help you navigate the often complex world of currency trading.

J. Crawford’s

This blog is not a one man show. Its author has a longstanding reputation for breaking the news and providing a venue for those seeking out a different perspective on the world of finance. In addition to its content based offerings, the website offers a series of free weekly market analysis reports. The site is also home to an active forum of likeminded enthusiasts. Those looking for a more personal touch may opt for a free email alert of new articles of interest.

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge is a blog that has a cult following. It is known for its personal attacks on finance professionals. While the site is often humorous, it is also a highly political site.

The website offers a pessimistic perspective on the world, with its author, Daniel Ivandjiiski, calling for the end of modern society. He believes that there is a conspiracy involving Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, and that the government is colluding with the big banks.

MyTradingHub is a popular and reliable online Forex broker that offers a variety of services for beginners and experienced traders alike. They offer a wide range of tools and resources including a live trading room. The site also provides comprehensive education on the basics of forex trading.

Its blog features articles written by experts that cover the latest news in the forex market. The blog is updated daily, so you’ll always have access to the most recent information.

Signal Skyline

Signal Skyline is one of the Forex signal providers that have gained a good reputation. Traders can use this signal provider to maximize their profits.

This service offers trading signals to users via email and Telegram. The signals are provided by analysts who are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. These experts make predictions about the future of the Forex market. They also provide trading strategies to increase your chances of making money.

During the trial plan, customers can receive 6-8 forex signals daily. For those who are willing to pay, the Signal Skyline experts promise high quality service.

Learn to Trade for Profit

Forex is a global marketplace where national currencies are exchanged. If you want to learn to trade forex for profit, you’ll have to become well-versed in the different currency pairs and their driving factors. You also need to develop a solid risk management strategy and discipline.

One of the first things to learn to do is to test your strategies with a demo account. This allows you to get a feel for the Forex market, and it’s risk-free.