The Best Forex Blogs For New Traders

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Forex blogs are a great resource for new traders and they can be an invaluable tool. There are several forex blogs out there, each with a different focus and a different audience. One of the most popular forex blogs is MyTradingHub, which is dedicated to educating new and experienced forex traders. Another is Rayner Teo, who focuses on abnormal returns. Other blogs include DailyFX, TraderMade, and Trading Signals. They all offer useful information and tips on how to make the most of your trading experience.

Counting Pips

Pips are a common term in the currency trading world. They are a unit of measurement used to measure changes in price of currency pairs. Although there are a lot of different terminology related to pips, the most basic definition is that a pip is the smallest change in a currency pair’s quote.

The value of a pip varies, depending on the exchange rate of the pair and the trade size. For example, a EUR/USD price change of one pip would increase the value of one lot by 0.00001.

A Forex point is another common currency measurement. It is the smallest possible change in the quote, usually equal to a single cent or a percentage of the change.

Abnormal Returns

The term abnormal returns is thrown around a lot. While these are not the newest thing, they can be useful tools for risk-adjusted investing. These can be positive or negative, and can be produced by an external event, or a combination of the two.

An abnormal return is a descriptor of the difference between expected and actual returns. It is a mathematical formula, and it is typically calculated over a short period of time, such as a day or a week. Abnormal returns are commonly produced by external events, such as the butterfly effect, or irrational investor sentiment. This is one reason why it is important to know your expected rate of return before committing to an investment.


If you are interested in learning more about trading in the financial markets, a good resource is a forex blog. These websites provide an easy way for beginners to gain insight on the basics of foreign exchange. They also provide a variety of education tools and resources. Some of these websites are MyTradingHub, Forex Education Portal, and Earn2Trade.

MyTradingHub is a forex and trading blog that focuses on classic and new trading techniques. Its content is well-written and offers a great amount of useful information to new and experienced traders.


TraderMade is one of the largest providers of FX services in the business. They provide high quality historical data, research, and charting solutions. As such, they are the trusted vendor for a number of traders. TraderMade has an impressive library of free tools, as well as custom pricing options.

They also have a very informative blog that covers everything from investment in the financial markets to news about cryptocurrencies. This is a great resource for traders looking to up their game. The blog features articles written by top-tier analysts as well as the latest in financial technology.


DailyFX is an online news site that offers free articles, charts and other currency trading information. They also produce five video-news updates each day. The site’s currency-focused blog offers up-to-date market data, market news and analysis for traders, investors and brokers.

One of the more interesting features of the site is its economic calendar, which offers up-to-date market news, indices and commodities prices, and the daily changes in the currency market. Its charts are useful for identifying key trends, and its technical analyses provide important insights into the price action of the world’s financial markets.

Learn to Trade for Profit

There are a number of different elements you should take into account when you learn to trade Forex for profit. Some of these include having a solid trading platform, a positive mindset, and having a reasonable expectation of return. You should also consider diversifying your strategy.

One of the most important practices you should develop as you learn to trade Forex for profit is to avoid overtrading. Especially if you are a newbie, you may lose a significant amount of money on a single trade.

Rayner Teo

If you are into Forex, you probably have heard of Rayner Teo, an independent Singaporean trader. You may have also heard that he has a large number of followers on social media and YouTube. He has a YouTube channel that is home to about 170,000 subscribers. This means that he is the most followed Forex trader in Singapore.

As an independent trader, Rayner knows how hard it is to make a living trading. Most traders give up in the first year. To keep your trading career alive, you need a solid strategy and the determination to learn more.